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Headstone: Irving Nathanson

Yitzhak son of Yaakov Shmuel

Owner/SourceReuven Nathanson
PlaceBet Olam Cemetery
File namenathanson-irving-gravestone.jpg
File Size544k
Dimensions1198 x 1076
Linked toIrving Nathanson (Burial)

Bet Olam Cemetery, Beachwood, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA


The History of Bet Olam Cemetery

Also known as Kinsman Cemetery, Warrensville Cemetery, and Park Synagogue Cemetery; Bet Olam Cemetery has its roots in a classic tale. In 1910 Park Synagogue was running out of room at its Fir Street Cemetery. The Synagogue sent out a man by the name of Sam Newman to look for a new plot for expansion. He set out to find a new piece of property but was caught in a snow storm. The Reindfleisch family allowed him to stay at their home to wait out the storm. Newman explained to Reindfleisch what he was doing and Reindfleisch immediately offered to sell the land to the synagogue. Newman accepted the deal, despite questions from the board of directors they decided it was the right place for expansion. But the area farmers found out and tried to block the creation of the new cemetery because they did not want a Jewish Cemetery in their midst. But law stated that once a cemetery is dedicated it can not be un-dedicated so the new cemetery quickly had its first burial. Mr. Reindfleisch became the first caretaker and his son followed.

Many have asked what Bet Olam means. In Hebrew it is "the house of eternity."

Cemetery Photos

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1Headstone: Baby Boy (Avrohom) Nathanson Headstone: Baby Boy (Avrohom) Nathanson
2Headstone: Frances Paller Headstone: Frances Paller
Feigel daughter of Meyer 
3Headstone: Irving Nathanson Headstone: Irving Nathanson
Yitzhak son of Yaakov Shmuel 
4Headstone: Murial Ann Nathanson (nee Paller) Headstone: Murial Ann Nathanson (nee Paller)

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