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Yitzhak Isaac
Yitzhak Osher


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 Elusive People

Abraham H. Palefsky

Abraham H. Palefsky (1911-1970) was drafted into the U.S. army in WWII. In 1944, the National Jewish Welfare Board created a file for him, and the index card to the file includes his mother's name, Mrs. Julia Palefsky.

Currently, I'm unable to definitively link Abraham & his mother to any of our Palefsky families, though I've found a few interesting clues:

1) Per the SSDI, Abraham's birth date was April 4, 1911.

2) In the New York City birth index, there's an Abraham H. "Polessky" born on Apr 4, 1911 in Manhattan.

3) Abraham H. Palefsky received a war valor medal in 1944, and the New York Times published an article that mentioned this medal. The article listed his address as 392 East 4th Street, same address as listed on the National Jewish Welfare Board index card.

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 Mystery Photos

Gershon Palevsky & Sons - Do You Recognize Your Ancestor?

The "Gershon" family in Cleveland provided this photo. They believe it's a photo of their patriarch, Gershon, and several sons, but we do not know the identity of everyone in the photo yet. We currently assume that the older man in the middle is Gershon, and descendants have identified the man standing on the back left as his son Isaac. If anyone recognizes their own ancestor in this photo -- or maybe you have a copy of the same photo -- please let us know!
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