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Family Trees

Abraham Jacob
Shmuel Lazar
Yaakov Tzvi

Menachem Mendel
Yaakov Azriel Zelig

Menachem David

Yaakov & Yetta

Itzko Paler

Abraham & Esther
Eliyahu Zalman
Isaac Palew
Jaime & Ana
Mendel & Fradlya
Peisach Abramovitch
Shraga Feivish
Yaakov & Rachel
Yehudah Leib
Yeshia Tzvi
Yetta Chaya
Yitzhak David
Yitzhak Isaac
Yitzhak Osher


Search Results

Matches 1 to 38 of 38 for Tree equals Palevsky AND Branch equals Yaakov Tzvi

   Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married  
1 F165
Unknown Palevsky, Ida Bef 1895  
2 F56
Brown, Harry Palevsky, Julia Abt 1938  
3 F167
Cahn, Unknown Palevsky, Ida Aft 1930  
4 F76
Carol, Bernard W. Palevsky, Beatrice Aft 18 May 1938  
5 F55
Deutch, Jacob Palevsky, Ida Bef 1892  
6 F225
Deutch, Samuel Goldstein, Sophie 30 Jan 1923 New York, NY  
7 F569
Dolinski, Unknown Palevsky, Chasia UNKNOWN  
8 F11
Eisner, Bernard Palevsky, Beatrice 06 Sep 1947 New York City, NY  
9 F6
Gershon, Norman Palevsky, Jennie 22 Dec 1941  
10 F155
Haft, Stephen Palefsky, Shirley 1950  
11 F168
Hochstein, Solomon Palevsky, Ida 8 Jan 1924  
12 F8
Kovel, Jack Leon Palevsky, Minnie 10 Apr 1948  
13 F142
Lipstein, Isidore Palefsky, Minnie 01 May 1915  
14 F139
Palefsky, Harry Meltzer, Anna 06 Nov 1920 1522 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY  
15 F141
Palefsky, Herbert L. Siven, Sylvia Aft 1943  
16 F143
Palefsky, Louis Weltman, Anna 20 May 1927 Brooklyn, NY  
17 F81
Palefsky, Samuel Gittel Bef 1884  
18 F82
Palefsky, Samuel Guizold, Gussie Between 1893 and 1904  
19 F147
Palevski, Goodman Davis Coleman, Fanny 19 Mar 1933 Philpor Street Synagogue, Stepney, London, England  
20 F144
Palevski, Isaac Lipshitz, Betty Between 1900 and 1910  
21 F2
Palevsky, Abraham Pollack, Elke Rochel Bef 1889  
22 F26
Palevsky, Barney Galbert, Lee Bef Apr 1942  
23 F343
Palevsky, Benjamin Putterman, Mary Bef 1905  
24 F1
Palevsky, Benjamin Lifshitz, Helen 20 Aug 1916 68 East 3rd Street, New York, NY  
25 F23
Palevsky, Harry Cohen, Lena 13 Feb 1916 New York, NY  
26 F27
Palevsky, Hyman (Herman) Posoff, Rae Between 1935 and 1944  
27 F346
Palevsky, Jacob Miller, Betty Abt 1929  
28 F28
Palevsky, Jacob George Schepps, Jeanne 24 Aug 1969  
29 F24
Palevsky, Max Goronovich, Bella 20 Jun 1911 90-96 Clinton Street, New York, NY  
30 F25
Palevsky, Samuel Deutch, Bertha 30 Jul 1917 New York, NY  
31 F21
Palevsky, Yaakov Tzvi Goldstein, Sarah 1852  
32 F148
Paley, Jack Abovitch, Rose 25 Jul 1937 Jubilee Street Great Synagogue, Stepney, London, England  
33 F344
Paley, Sigmund Lubart, Dorothy E. Aft 1925  
34 F57
Seltzer, Max Palevsky, Lillian Jeanette Between 1940 and 1949  
35 F18
Sperling, Benjamin Palevsky, Esther 01 Nov 1941  
36 F889
Weinstein, Chaim    
37 F166
Weinstein, Chaim Palevsky, Ida Abt 1905  
38 F194
Weinstein, Osher Deutch, Elsie Abt 1917 Russia