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Family Trees

Abraham Jacob
Shmuel Lazar
Yaakov Tzvi

Menachem Mendel
Yaakov Azriel Zelig

Menachem David

Yaakov & Yetta

Itzko Paler

Abraham & Esther
Eliyahu Zalman
Isaac Palew
Jaime & Ana
Mendel & Fradlya
Peisach Abramovitch
Shraga Feivish
Yaakov & Rachel
Yehudah Leib
Yeshia Tzvi
Yetta Chaya
Yitzhak David
Yitzhak Isaac
Yitzhak Osher



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   Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S10163 Wisconsin Jewish Death and Burial Index
2 S5 Morris & Frances Palefsky 1960 manifest
3 S4 1920 Census
4 S7 1925 New York State Census
5 S8 1930 Census
6 S10 1933-1934 Brooklyn City Directory
7 S19
8 S20 Bass, Adam - Palevsky Story
9 S2 Birth Certificate - Ida Palevsky (IL)
State of Illinois, Department of Health 
10 S23 Bloom, Ronna Cohen
11 S24 Bloom, Ronna Cohen - Phone - 2001-Oct-01
12 S29 Brooklyn City Directory 1933/34
13 S30 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
14 S42 Cohen, Edna Palevsky
15 S50 Death Certificate - Benjamin Palevsky
16 S51 Death Certificate - Elsie Palevsky
17 S55 Declaration of Intention
18 S1 FamilySearch Public Records
19 S60 FindUSA
20 S61 Florida Death Index
21 S62 Gershon, Hariette
22 S10065 Gershon, Hariette
23 S63 Gershon, Norman
24 S81 HIAS Card
25 S10001 JewishGen, Compiler, JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry - Canada - Québec
26 S83 Kahn, Lauren S
27 S87 lsk-Spalevsk.FTM
28 S93 Marriage Certificate
29 S3 Marriage certificate - Jacob Palewsky & Scheine Goldman
State of New York, City of New York 
30 S96 Montefiore Cemetery
31 S6 Locator
32 S97 Mt. Carmel Cemetery Website
33 S117 New York Times
34 S118 NYC Birth Index
35 S120 NYC Death Certificate
36 S121 NYC Death Index
37 S10124 NYC Death Index
38 S123 NYC Marriage Certificate
39 S127 NYC Marriage Certificate - Samuel Deutch & Sophie Goldstein
40 S128 NYC Marriage Index
41 S10132 Palefsky, Ruth
42 S130 Palevsky, George
43 S132 Paley, Michael
44 S133 Paley, Ron
45 S136 Petition for Naturalization - Radack, Gabriel
46 S147 Ship manifest - Lifschitz, Elke
47 S148 Ship manifest - Palevsky, Mirka
48 S149 Ship manifest - Weinstztejn, Chaja
49 S10164 Ship manifest, Birck/Sara/Taube Palewski, 19-Sep-1920
50 S150 SS-5

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